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Walk around Morte Lake

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Last Updated on 07 April 2013
Published on 17 October 2010

There is an official trail that accesses Morte Lake and the QICSS property. You can purchase a beautiful map wth descriptions of all official trails on Quadra at many Quadra outlets and resorts or at the Visitors Information Centre at Quathiaski Cove. This will direct you to the start of the trail on the Walcan road and will help support the volunteer trails committee that maintains the trails.

Hillary Stewart produced a wonderful pamplet that documents many of the flora and fauna you may encounter on this walk of about 3 hours. Unfortunately this pamplet is out of print but a pdf version is attached to this article. You may download and print this pamplet for your own personal use.

At the far end of the lake you will see the signs marking the boundaries of the QICSS property. Please stay on the trail and do not disturb the the plant and aninal life you may encounter. The trail continues around the lake and then back to the parking lot. Enjoy your walk!


Inspection 2010

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Last Updated on 05 April 2013
Published on 04 October 2010

This article is just a stub for 2009 inspection report


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